Organic Besan (Bengal Gram Flour)

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Bengal Gram Flour - Besan

Chana dal flour is a gluten-free product used in many vegetarian and ethnic homes. The aroma is best described as slightly "earthy." The super fine grind flour is made from 100% pure Chana Dal and is perfect for preparing onion bhaji, traditional potato and vegetable pakodas, and some sweet dishes. It is also used in many desserts and battered dishes all over the world.

Besan or gram flour is a common ingredient found in Indian kitchens and holds many remedies to your beauty problems. For years, mothers and grannies have used it to treat minor skin problems and even though many cosmetic products are available in the market today, it is worth holding on to this natural remedy for its numerous benefits. Besan helps in the removal of dead skin cells which leads to skin rejuvenation. Using besan face packs regularly will make your skin smoother, softer and tighter. It is also used as a skin whitening agent and for hair removal. Since besan is alkalising in nature, you need to mix it with milk, yoghurt or lemon juice before applying on your face. It is an excellent exfoliating agent.

Here are some homemade besan face packs for different skin types:

For oily skin: If your skin is oily, apply a mix of besan and rose water on your face and let the pack dry before washing it off with water. Avoid areas around the eyes. This will help absorb the excess oil on your face. Another good pack is to mix besan and yoghurt (dahi). This is excellent as it will release the toxins from your skin making it smoother.

For dry skin: Dry skin needs constant care as one needs to moisturise it to keep it hydrated. In order to get some moisture in your skin, make a pack of besan, honey, a pinch of turmeric and some milk. Keep it for 20 minutes before washing it off with water. Applying this every week will help you reduce the dryness. For skin brightening Besan can be used as a natural tan remover for your face. You will need 4-5 powdered almonds, 1 tsp of milk, lemon juice and besan. Mix all of these together. You will need to keep the face pack for longer to get the desired effect so don’t wash it off before 30 minutes of applying. For blemishes If those ugly blemishes bother you, get rid of them the natural way. Apply a mixture of besan and cucumber juice on the affected area and keep it for 20 minutes before washing it off. Pat dry.

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