Organic Brown Sugar

Product Description

Earthon's Organic Brown Sugar is a premium organic golden brown sugar with a moist texture and a velvety molasses flavor, made with 100% certified organic sugar cane, which has not been given any chemical treatment and not genetically engineered.

The delicate molasses and fine crystal size ensure rapid dissolving when making syrups, sauces and caramels. Brown sugar contains slightly fewer calories compared to refined white sugar, therefore is more effective in preventing obesity. Using brown sugar as a substitute lowers the calorie count in baked goods, making it a healthier option than white sugar.

The most obvious usage of brown sugar to substitute white sugar is in baking. A cup of granulated sugar is roughly equivalent to a packed cup of brown sugar, and this gives off a more aromatic taste to the cakes and biscuits. Brown sugar goes well with chocolate, since the creamy taste of the chocolate complements the sugar perfectly. It is also used in caramels, which capitalizes in the sugar's strong burnt flavor in making caramel.

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