Organic Sona Masoori Rice

Product Description

Earthon's organic sona masoori rice is light weight, aromatic and contains less starch making it easy to digest. You can use it to make sweet dishes or for regular cooking. Soak Sona Masoori for 20-30 min and then cook it with one and a half cups of water for every one cup of rice.

Sona masoori rice like other types of rice is an excellent source of energy. It is high in carbohydrates and proteins, but contains very small amount of fats and no cholesterol. Moreover, it is gluten free, which makes it an ideal stable food product for those who cannot tolerate gluten.

Organically grown, hence these products are natural and are free from any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, toxic substances, synthetic hormones and are certified according to international standards for organic production, processing and packaging. Since they are grown naturally, it has rich nutritional values.

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